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Spectrum printing and mailing services 26 years of Business


Useful Information

Digital Artwork Spec


If you need assistance with your artwork, please contact us for a quote


Specifications for supplying your artwork


1.   File to supplied as press ready PDF


2.   File should be only 1-up


3.   All colours to be in CMYK (RGB is not an acceptable printing format)


4.   All Fonts are either embedded or converted to outlines


5.   All images must be flattened


6.   Images need to be 300dpi resolution


7.   3mm bleed is added to all edges if relevant


8.   Text/logo are to be 5mm from the edge of sheet


9.   Please include trim marks


10. File to be supplied either by email or on a memory stick


All prices are based on received press ready PDF’s


Size Guidelines (Finished size)

Business Cards

A7 –

A6 –

A5 –

A4 –

A3 –


55 x 85mm

74 x 105mm

105 x 148mm

148 x 210mm

210 x 297mm

297 x 420mm


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